Appraisal of a market value of automobiles, real estate and property

The Assistance company “LAT” offers their service of an independent appraisal of a market value of automobiles, real estate and property in the territory of more than 100 towns of the Russian Federation.

The experts of the company are recognized professionals; they are specialists with higher education and all necessary diplomas and certificates;, as well as with wide experience on the field in question both at home and abroad.

In what cases will you need appraisal of a market value?
  • when carrying out settlements of buying and selling transactions including the ones conducted in the process of privatization or bidding (auctions);
  • when leasing real estate objects or transfer property into a trust;
  • when executing real estate as a contribution to the authorized fund;
  • when listing in or reappraising the fixed assets of an enterprise;
  • when developing investment projects and business plans (as a rule, an investment cost is appraised);
  • when appraising for insurance purposes;
  • when appraising for taxation purposes (including the cases of real estate inheritances and gifts).
The experts of the Assistance company “LAT” make appraisals of a market value of different kinds of property:
  • plots of land, cottages and country houses;
  • commercial real estate, buildings and facilities;
  • built-in premises (including independent appraisals of market rates of rental payments for non-residential premises);
  • flats;
  • property;
  • transport vehicles.
Appraisal results

Appraisal results are sent to a customer on completion of the appraisal process in the form of an appraisal report prepared and executed in accordance with the legislation requirements. The volume, form and content of a report depend on the number of appraisal objects, comprehensiveness of the information given by a customer on each of the objects, as well as the form of an appraised value.

All results of the performed works are installed on-line into the integrated information resource of the Assistance company “LAT”. Thus, a customer can keep track on-line of the course of his application execution. *

* When entering a corresponding agreement.

The appraisal fee of real estate in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad oblast
The appraisal fee of real estate in Moscow and Moscow oblast

Contact information:

Representation in Moscow and regions of RF:

Telephone: (495) 730-50-05

Representation in Saint-Petersburg and regions of RF:

Telephone: (812) 578-01-05

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