Emergency repair services on roadsides

The Assistance company “LAT” offers the service of emergency repairs on roadside.

Servicing is carried out promptly. The modern call-centre of the company is equipped with a system of satellite navigation, which allows an operator keeping to the shortest time terms of arrival of an evacuator and breakdown vehicle.

According to our data, in 80% of faulty car cases a prompt default is possible under roadside conditions. If a car would not start up, if there are problems with fault signalling or electric equipment, if a wheel is punched, or a door got shut in and the keys are in a passenger compartment, if you have run out of petrol, it is not necessary to call an evacuator. Mechanics of the Assistance company “LAT” will cope with these and more than 40 other works that can be carried out under roadside conditions. Our breakdown vehicles have special equipment and tools that permit them eliminating faults directly on the site of a breakdown.

The costs of an emergency repair service on roadsides is made up of an application reception, visit to a customer and basic rate that depends on the type and complexity of the conducted services and works.

For customers who concluded an agreement for noncash servicing all services are rendered without a prepayment; payment is made according to the actual fact of service rendering. Customers and drivers are given a special identification card or a special memo. Different programs of services are also possible.  

The cost of the emergency repair services in Saint-Petersburg
The cost of the emergency repair services in Moscow

Contact information:

Representation in Moscow and regions of RF:

Telephone: (495) 730-50-05

Representation in Saint-Petersburg and regions of RF:

Telephone: (812) 578-01-05

Dmitry Nesterov d.nesterov@lat.ru