Other expert services (estimation of commodity value loss, estimation of reusable remainders)

The Assistance company “LAT” offers their service on estimation of commodity value loss and estimation of reusable remainders of transport vehicles.

The experts of the “LAT company are recognized professionals with higher education and all necessary diplomas and certificates in the field of appraisal and estimation, as well as with wide experience in this field both at home and abroad.

Owing to the efficient system of information processing and expertise of the company’s specialists we can offer the shortest possible terms for investigations to be carried out, as well as presentation of high quality reports that are effective and can be submitted both to any degrees of jurisdiction and insurance companies in cases any differences arise as to refusals/partial refusals of payment of insurance indemnity.

Contact information:

Representation in Moscow and regions of RF:

Telephone: (495) 730-50-05

Representation in Saint-Petersburg and regions of RF:

Telephone: (812) 578-01-05

Dmitry Nesterov d.nesterov@lat.ru