Visit of a claim adjuster onto the site of a traffic accident (TA)

The Assistance company “LAT” offers its customers the service of a claim adjuster visit onto the site of TA in the territory of more than 100 towns of the Russian Federation, the service being rendered 24 hours 365 days a year. In a period of their work on the market the claim adjusters of “LAT” have acquired a reputation as professional experts in their field and many large scale companies trust them to work with their customers.

The service includes a prompt visit of a claim adjuster onto the site of occurrence to establish the fact of occurrence of contingency in order to assess objectively the circumstances of the occurrence, issue a claim adjuster statement, take digital photographs of the occurrence site, damaged objects and documents of the occurrence participants, render a psychological support to customers and assistance in competent preparation of the documents necessary for an insurance company.

The Assistance company “LAT” has the necessary resources to render a prompt high quality service for customers in the territory of RF:

  • the efficient work of the contact-centre and dispatching service make it possible at a breakneck speed to record a customer’s application and organize a visit of a claim adjuster;
  • the information about a customer’s application is available on the information resource of the company “LAT” immediately after recording the application; after the service is completed the access to all applicable materials is provided within 24 hours.

In addition to prompt works on the occurrence site a claim adjuster may render the following services:

  • drawing up an inspection report of a damaged vehicle for a detailed recording of all damages resulted from an insured occurrence in order to carry out a subsequent assessment at the federal assessment and estimation centre of “LAT”.

Contact information:

Representation in Moscow and regions of RF:

Telephone: (495) 730-50-05

Representation in Saint-Petersburg and regions of RF:

Telephone: (812) 578-01-05

Dmitry Nesterov