Administration of telephone calls in the evening and at night

The Assistance company “LAT” offers the services of its federal contact-centre which makes it possible to render customers a round-the-clock information service. We also offer our services to the companies that actively communicate with their customer; the offered services include: dispatching of incoming calls in the evening and at night, as well as integrated dispatching of telephone calls.

Providing integral dispatching of telephone calls the Assistance company “LAT” can also take upon itself administration of incoming calls in the evening and at night in order not to leave customers without a round-the-clock support. This service may be of interest to the companies that communicate with their customers during a working day, not having however their own contact-centre to provide a round-the-clock dispatching of applications.

The service includes: reception of incoming calls at a period of time required by a customer; recording of customer applications including records of talks and placing them at your disposal; distribution of calls to the relevant departments, operators or partners; making available the statistics on the number of calls.

Contact information:

Representation in Moscow and regions of RF:

Telephone: (495) 730-50-05

Representation in Saint-Petersburg and regions of RF:

Telephone: (812) 578-01-05

Dmitry Nesterov